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Ruth Dickson (not be confused with the american author Ruth Dickson) started life in the United Kingdom as a seven month old baby on the arm of her mother. She was very creative as a child, often writing short stories in a thick exercise book. She told her mum she was going to sell the exercise book at the local Church fair. At age seven she used to stand at the bottom of the stairs and sing in-front of the mirror and in the hallway for hours. Her mother named her 'Ella" after Ella Fitzgerald and told her she would become a famous international singer one day.

Both of these things have come to pass, as Ruth not only writes and sells books, but also sings internationally. Her songs are played on the radio around the world. Ruth is also a Christian missionary, volunteering her teaching, writing and singing skills in many nations around the world.

Her books vary in topics and titles: from how to build a godly marriage to interesting short stories for children. Quite unique about Ruth are her books written in several languages.

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